Sigma Labs updates PrintRite3D Inspect

Sigma Labs has released an updated version of its PrintRite3D Inspect software, which is used for checking quality assurance of 3D print models.

The new version 3.02 gains a new metric, Thermal Energy Density, or TED, which Sigma Labs is hoping will mark a new industry standard for quantitatively measuring melt pool and part quality.

In theory, process engineers should now be able to produce an alloy-specific process map using the TED metric. This in turn should lead to rapid process qualification, which the company believes will result in increased production yields and faster product to market times.   

This new version also offers a complete production-level package of statistical process control (SPC) software apps, which digitally supports serial production quality monitoring at a build, part, layer or scan level, thereby ensuring continuous operation within the qualified processing window.

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