Sensient launches new sublimation inks

Sensient Imaging Technologies has announced ElvaJet Punch, a new range of digital sublimation printing inks for polyester fabrics.

It can work with both coated and uncoated transfer papers. The range includes a specific set, ElvaJet Punch EP, for use with all types of Epson-based systems, including both Epson DX- and Epson TFP-based printers.

Dr Christophe Bulliard, Sensient’s Marketing Director, commented: “In benchmark testing against other market inks ElvaJet Punch shows superior color vibrancy and gamut, enhanced transfer efficiency from a wide range of coated and uncoated sublimation papers and exceptional jetting performance. The ink is also ideal for direct printing onto fabrics, with no image bleed and good print-through. Such a combination of benefits makes a compelling case for switching to this premium ink.”

The new ink range is the first since Sensient bought Xennia, with the two companies having worked together to develop this ink. It will be shown at the SGIA show in Atlanta, USA from 4-6 November and at ITMA in Milan, Italy from 12-19 November.

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