Scodix launches inline foiling solution

Scodix has shown off a new digital foiling tool, Scodix Foil, an inline station for the Scodix Ultra Pro. Scodix has used a foil process based on the PolySense 500 polymer that enables extra fine details with a large variety of foils on a wide selection of substrates. It uses readily-available foils and can produce a range of colours including gold, silver and bronze.

The system also relies on four CCD cameras and associated algorithms to work out precise positioning for the foils. Scodix has also benefited from an exclusive agreement with Compact Foilers Ltd, which makes foil transfer units. The synergy between the companies enables flawless, robust, high-yield production with significant foil savings.

CJ Graphics of Toronto, Canada, has become the first customer. Jay Mandarino, the company’s president and founder, explained: “We view the Scodix Foil station as a critical component. It enables the creative thinkers to look beyond the complications associated with traditional foiling and just focus upon the value of the effect.”

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