Scodix improves on Ultra digital finisher

Scodix has announced a new addition to its range of digital finishing devices, the Ultra Pro, which will debut at next week’s Graph Expo show in Chicago. It builds on the existing Scodix Ultra but gains a twin-tray media handling system that carries sheets under the fixed array of inkjet UV inkheads in a single pass. There’s an independent motion system for each tray and four CCD cameras to provide pinpoint registration accuracy.

In addition, operators will be able to switch quickly between multiple polymers on the same press for varying applications and effects. The system has automatic maintenance and can be run by a single operator.

Scodix has also developed a polymer that produces a spot varnish for short runs, which it calls Scodix Spot. This will recreate the flat varnish look and feel to short-run printed projects. It’s compatible with the Scodix Ultra Pro device. The first edition of it will be the Spot 80, digital coating developed specifically for offset and laminated sheet applications. Both the Ultra Pro and the Spot 80 should be available in the first quarter of 2015.

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