SAi launches structural design software

SAi has launched a new structural design program, DisplayGenie, for creating boxes and point of purchase displays. It’s said to be compatible with all existing wide-format RIP software that drives flatbed printers and cutters.

It works alongside SAi’s Flexi software, which is already widely used and included with several wide format printers. DisplayGenie includes a number of templates so that it’s relatively straightforward to adapt one of these for any given job. The templates cover popular folding POP display, ECMA* and FEFCO* box designs, with SAi planning to upload more as they become available. Users can then add artwork, designs, images and texts.

It also includes an animated 3D folding preview, together with the ability to export rotational package display or box designs as 3D PDF files, for customer review or adjustment prior to production.

Jurgen Verhulst, SAi’s European technical marketing manager, says that the software is based on a previous application that SAi had developed for working with routers. He adds: “We have a long history in 3D with CNC software so we were able to use technology that was already available to us but in a different solution.”

If this programs works as well as SAi claims then it could shake up this sector of the market, given that it’s being offered at a relatively low cost of £1,595, or €1,995.

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