Roland speeds up Texart printer

Roland DG has announced a faster version of its Texart dye sublimation transfer printer. The new Texart XT640 is fitted with dual print heads and can run at print speeds of up to 63 sqm/h.

It’s an eight channel printer and can be fitted with two sets of CMYK, which allows for longer continuous printing rather than higher speeds, or with CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, orange and violet for a wider colour gamut. The inks are supplied in 1-litre pouches.

Yuko Maeda, president of Roland’s digital printing market development division, explained: “In the fashion field, trend cycles are becoming shorter as seen in “fast fashion” and the desire for personalisation that represents individual preferences and lifestyles. Within these trends, there is growing demand for digital printers that can quickly provide custom one-off and small-lot production.”

She added: “In the field of sports apparel, highly functional polyester materials such as sweat-absorbing, quick-drying and dry-touch features have become popular. There is increasing focus on dye sublimation transfer printers that can produce patterns and logos simultaneously while avoiding the uncomfortable seams inside that arise due to post-process sewing”.

The Texart XT640 comes with a Roland edition of the ErgoSoft textile RIP.

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