Roland announces LEF300 desktop printer

Roland DG has launched a new larger addition to its UV-LED range of desktop flatbed printers, the LEF-300. These printers are used for customizing a range of products, from smartphone covers to golf balls.

The LEF-300 has a larger printing area than the existing LEF-12 and LEF-20 printers, covering 770mm wide by 330mm long. It can accommodate items up to 100mm in height and 8kg in weight. It’s faster than the older models, up to 60 percent faster than the LEF-20, thanks to four print heads combined with two UV-LED lamps for bi-directional printing. Roland has also doubled the number of white and clear (gloss) ink nozzles for faster printing, increased density and opacity and faster build-up of multiple layers for textured effects. The inkset is Roland’s Eco-UV, mostly supplied in 500cc cartridges, with the white in 220cc cartridges.

It comes with Roland’s VersaWorks Dual RIP software which includes useful features to simplify the print process and optimise results. The Special Colour Plate Generation allows white or gloss data creation from print artwork and the Maintained Clipped Position function preserves the accurate repositioning of clipped images.

Jerry Davies, who heads up Roland DG’s European operation, comments: “The trend for highly personalised items is growing and customers are using Roland’s VersaUV LEF printers to build profitable businesses by providing on-demand custom printing services for a range of personalised products through e-commerce sites and retail kiosks or as an addition to their existing print shops.”

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