QuarkXPress 2015 now available

Quark has updated its eponymous page layout program with the release of QuarkXPress 2015. The company has listened to its users and delivered the top 10 features requested in a survey. This included faster performance and better robustness, which Quark has largely achieved by completing the transition to 64-bit code, which also means that it can take full advantage of all the RAM available (32-bit programs are limited to 4GB of RAM).

Quark has added some level of automation through a new approach to footnotes and endnotes, which tracks changes to the notations. There’s a new Table styles and better integration with Excel for importing spreadsheets into tables, plus a new Content Variables feature for automating things such as running headers.

Other new tools include the ability to set custom page sizes and support for larger pages and the return of the Orthogonal line tool.

There’s also support for PDF/X-4 output and improvements to the way that Quark creates eBooks using HTML5 fixed layouts, which promises to obviate the need for dedicated apps.

It’s sold as a perpetual license with upgrade options for versions 3-10. There’s no subscription option but there is a payment plan to smooth the cost of upgrading. It also offers dual activation, meaning it can be installed on up to two machines and across Mac and Windows platforms.

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