Quark announces Procedure Management for enterprises.

Quark has launched a new XML data management tool, Quark Procedure Management, aimed at the largest enterprise companies, sometimes referred to as the global 2000. It allows corporate writers and subject matter experts to create reusable content that is easy to save, search and update. This is important if content is susceptible to risk and compliance issues, which could include employee manuals, field instructions, medical responses, banking processes, call center training manuals and other standard operating procedures.

Quark is a major player in this field thanks to its XML authoring tools that allow content to be updated simultaneously across multiple channels, such as print, Web and mobile devices. These solutions are not cheap, but are essential for larger enterprises to control how their data is used, particularly where policies might be regulated by government and industry organisations.

Quark Procedure Management moves authors from creating static documents to creating reusable content components – XML Smart Content – that can be reviewed, approved and updated independently. This enables standard operating procedures to be dynamically assembled for different channels and audiences and automatically published to Web, PDF and mobile formats.

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