Procap launches agro chemical closure

Procap, which develops plastic caps and closures, has announced a new closure for agro chemicals, 63 Procurve. It’s been designed specifically for HDPE and Co-ex containers with a capacity of more than one litre and a 63mm neck finish. It’s meant for packaging herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides, whether in powder or liquid form and whether water- or solvent-based.

It’s said to simplify the filling process for these agro chemical products as there’s no induction heat seal. It’s UN compliant and includes a small inspection window for visible control at the initial screwing stage. When the bridges are broken on first opening, the TE band drops down to offer visible evidence of tampering. But it maintains a complete seal on reclosure, again making it a very secure closure solution. It’s said to be easy to open, close and clean. It has standard overall dimensions so it can be introduced to filling or capping lines quickly and easily with minimal modification required.

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