Pitney Bowes launches cloud-based document system

Pitney Bowes has announced details of a new multi-channel communications suite called Relay. It’s mainly aimed at small and medium businesses and is designed to give them a cost-effective way to handle bills and statements while maintaining client data privacy.

The system is built around a cloud-based document hub and connects to physical and digital channels, including email, post to web, and digital archiving. It can also cope with off-site production if necessary.

Andrew Ford, vice president marketing and communications at Pitney Bowes in Europe, says: “Relay delivers unprecedented control, access, and flexibility, while providing the same level of data privacy used by the largest, most sophisticated mailers in the world.” 

The system also includes a new Relay inserter series, which offers the latest barcode technology to optimise accuracy and document integrity. They offer three privacy grades, including 2D Direct Scan; 2D Exit Scanning; and 2D File Base Processing.

For more information on the Relay multi-channel communications suite, go to www.pitneybowes.com/us/relay.

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