Peter Morris loses fight with cancer

Peter Morris, the former CEO of Friedheim International and chairman of Picon, has passed away, aged 68. I remember Morris as a quietly spoken man who was passionate about the industry and a pleasure to talk with.

He spent his whole working life in the printing industry, starting as a teenager in the finishing department of a Birmingham printer.  He first joined finishing equipment supplier Oscar Friedheim in 1971, left after a few years to start his own trade finishers, but eventually returned to the company and became Managing Director in 1999.  He was part of a management buyout team in 2005, after which he became CEO.

He joined the Picon Council in 2006, became Chairman in 2011 and helped set up the Graphics, Print & Media Alliance (GPMA).

Morris retired in September of last year due to illness but finally succumbed to cancer on New Year’s day.

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