Papergraphics acquires CWE

Papergraphics, which primarily supplies wide format substrates, has acquired one of its rivals, CWE Solutions, a reseller of wide format equipment from HP, Epson and Seiko.

Papergraphics, which dates back to 1984, has companies in the UK, Spain, Belgium and Holland, all owned by Pure Genius Holdings, which itself is owned by Papergraphics chief executive John Selby and managing director Nathan Atkins.

Papergraphics took on some of the digital solutions team from Paperlinx, following that company’s collapse last year. This allowed Papergraphics to develop into printer sales, handling Jetrix, Canon and some HP machines.

The vertical synergies make it a good move for both companies. Both companies are privately owned and will continue to operate as before though will eventually merge together.

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