OneVision announces 4D colour server

OneVision, which is best known for its Asura preflighting software, has developed a new layer of colour management, which it calls 4D. The Asura family of products can be used as a 4D colour server.

The new 4D colour conversion technology is said to optimize colours during the conversion process to avoid any degradation in the composition, while cutting down the consumption costs of the CMY colours. OneVision claims that this overcomes defects like poor registration and generally offers a more stable printing process.

OneVision has also announced a new product for the label market. DigiLabel is a production planning system that can handle orders from receipt through to printing. It can also map the entire PDF workflow which should make it easier for all concerned to manage the job efficiently. It also allows label printers to produce orders collect-run and offers potential cost savings to label converters.

Last year, OneVision announced its own approach to screening with the PlugRASTER-HDin RIP software. This is a hybrid AM/ FM system that OneVision claims is suitable for photo-quality reproduction in newspaper printing.

Furthermore, many of the OneVision products can be used as a software service in the Cloud.

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