New integrated labeling machine for security printer

Lake Image Systems, working together with Ross Manufacturing and Herma, has developed a unique, integrated labelling machine which combines a highly flexible label transport system, a high-speed label applicator and an automated in-line inspection system.

The labelling machine has been successfully installed and commissioned at a major UK security printer to automate the production and inspection of secure labels.

The guts of the machine is the label transport system, which has been built by Ross Manufacturing. It includes Ross’s web tension dancer roller technology that continuously adjusts the tension to prevent web breaks when traveling in either direction. It uses Ross’s overall system management software and can run at up to 250 metres per minute.

Herma, which was the lead company working on the client’s behalf, specializes in self-adhesive technology. It integated its label applicator system to add a scratch-off label to conceal variable codes pre-printed on the security label.

Lake Image Systems contributed its high-resolution cameras and high intensity lighting as well as its Discovery Multiscan software to read and inspect every label. Multiscan can detect problems with labels and log their position on the roll. Operators can then check the label and replace faulty ones so that all labels in the roll are always 100% correct.

Ross Baker, owner of Ross Manufacturing, explained: “The three way partnership brought together the best brains and technology in the industry to create a truly unique labelling machine that has already delivered significant productivity gains for the end client.”

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