New flexo screens from Global Graphics

Global Graphics, best known for its Harlequin RIP, has developed a new set of hybrid screens for flexo work, based on its Harlequin Cross Modulated screen technology. These screens address the issues of how to achieve high-quality in the highlight areas of images, such as tones close to white or skin tones, and how to print these areas with smooth gradations.

The screens include a mechanism to auto select the calibration that goes with a particular screen.  Pre-press operators also now have the ability to bump up curves at the highlight end to compensate for flexo not being able to produce tones close to white clearly.

The result is that you can achieve smooth gradations even in high-key images”, explains Martin Bailey, CTO Global Graphics. He adds: “To achieve premium quality you need to be able to select from a wide choice of screen resolutions, rulings and dot sizes so that different graphical objects can be produced as well as possible.”

Harlequin Cross Modulated Flexo (HXMFlexo) works with the latest editions of the Harlequin RIP.  Cross modulated screens give smooth, noise-free flat tints while retaining fine detail in highlights and shadows. They allow you to print screens at a higher line ruling than would normally be considered reliable, produce pin-sharp images and help overcome common printing imperfections like visible rosettes and moiré.

Bailey says that the Harlequin RIP has been used in the flexo market for many years, adding: “We’ve become increasingly involved in the conversation about how to achieve high-quality at the premium end of the market.”

The Harlequin RIP is widely used throughout the industry from vendors including Quark, Kodak and Agfa. Last year Global Graphics and ThermoFlexX announced joint development work on hybrid screens for ThermoFlexX imagers. Further details from the Global Graphics website.

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