New digital metallic process announced

Leonhard Kurz has launched its Digital Metal product, a system for applying metallic layers in the digital printing process. Kurz is offering an all-in-one solution comprising a transfer machine with the designation DM Liner, an associated web-based software, and a Digital Metal foil that has been specially tailored to this process.

The process involves three stages, starting with the design being printed to paper via dry or liquid toner. Then the DM liner adds the metal foil, which adheres to the toner. Finally the actual colour print is made, using digital or offset, overprinting to the foil to generate metallic colour tones.

The DM Liner transfers the Digital Metal foil at speeds of five to 30 meters per minute. It can process paper with grammages between 90 and 350 grams per square meter, and formats from 210 x 297 to 390 x 500 millimeters. The Digital Metal foil is available in gold or silver, as well as diffractive designs with a rainbow colour play or holographic continuous structures.

Kurz claims that this approach produces a very high gloss level that is not achievable using metallic pigment inks. The system has already been trialled by the photobooks manufacturer and print services provider CEWE.

You can find more details about the process at


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