Neil Hopkinson joins Xaar

Professor Neil Hopkinson has joined Xaar as Director of 3D Printing. Hopkinson brings with him 19 years’ experience in additive manufacturing technology gained at the University of Sheffield, Loughborough University, De Montfort University, 3D Systems and the University of Nottingham.

He is the original inventor of the High Speed Sintering (HSS) technology and will continue to develop this with Xaar alongside other additive manufacturing processes. HSS is a revolutionary technology which uses inkjet printheads and infrared heaters to manufacture products layer by layer from polymer powder materials at much higher speeds than other additive manufacturing processes.

He spent the last three years leading the Factum project to develop the supply chain and full scale production capabilities for industrial 3D print manufacturing. Xaar’s contribution was to optimise the performance of specialist third party fluids for use with its printheads.

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