Nano Dimension opens ink production facility

Nano Dimension has officially opened its own production facility to produce the nano particle conductive and dielectric inks used in the company’s DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printer, which can be used to print PCBs.

Nano Dimension opens its new ink production facility to support its DragonFly 2020 3D printer.

This technology can be used to quickly print three-dimensional, high performance, low-cost conductive patterns as well as complex structures on relatively heat sensitive substrates, mainly for prototyping. The key to it is the nano particle inks that exhibit good sintering and curing properties and produce a conductive material for the circuitry with a very low melting point. This is combined with the dielectric material for mechanical structure, high temperature resistance and electrical insulation.

The new ink facility is a relatively small – 800 sqm – unit located within the same building in Ness Ziona, Israel, that houses the Nano Dimension’s headquarters and R&D laboratories. It’s an important milestone as the company ramps up production for the commercial launch of its DragonFly 2020 Pro. Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension explained: “We have made significant progress over the past several months to design and engineer an innovative continuous manufacturing process to enable us to increase production of our nano particle inks and compatible dielectric materials.”

He added: “This extremely complicated process has been installed at our ink production facility, and it will allow us to efficiently scale-up and maintain our ability to supply customers with advanced materials, produced at our technologically sophisticated and cost-efficiently operated production facility, while keeping the trade secrets of the unique production processes.”

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