Muller Martini optimizes gluing

Muller Martini has developed a new Adhesive Monitoring System (AMS) to optimize gluing, which is integrated into the control systems of the latest perfect binders. The system relies on a laser that constantly monitors the way that the glue is applied for different glue patterns. The data from the AMS is transferred to the operator monitor and the glue profile is displayed on a color-differentiated graphic.

The system also detects any gluing errors such as accumulations, gaps or dirt in the adhesive-free zone, allowing the operator to react to errors individually or automate their handling.

Michael Scherrer, Production Manager at the Scherrer bookbindery in Urdorf in the Swiss canton of Zurich explains: “AMS allows you to use less glue, without having to sacrifice quality, and reduced glue consumption naturally translates to more cost-effective production.”

The AMS monitoring system can be used for gluing using a glue pot or for VPN nozzles depending on the configuration – with either PUR or hotmelt gluing. It can be fitted to Muller Martini’s Bolero and Corona perfect binding lines, as well as most Alegro assemblies. It can also be retrofitted on existing perfect binding lines depending on the machine configuration.

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