Mtex launches inkjet textiles finishing

Mtex has announced a range of pre- and post- fabric treatment machines that will enable the user to have a complete turn-key solution to printing onto textiles across a range of markets including signage, interiors and fashion.

There’s a new pre-coater, the Mtex Pad, that runs between 30 and 140 linear metres per hour and can be used inline with the Mtex 500 and Turbo 1.8m wide printers.

For finishing, Mtex is launching the W&D Washer and Dryer, developed specifically to emulate traditional methods of finishing fabrics for digital textiles. It has four washing tanks and a water treatment and re-use system installed as well as a dual drying system via vacuum and cylinders which can reach drying temperatures of up to 200º.

Mtex has also updated its 3.2m wide textile printer with a new 5032 Pro version. This now gains a new integrated platform as well as a new feeding and take up system, which uses compressed air. There is also a new continuous ink feeding system.


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