Mimaki unveils 3.2m TS500 dye sub printer

Mimaki is to launch a new wide format dye sub printer, the TS500P-3200, later next month. It’s a 3.2m wide roll to roll printer designed to print to transfer paper. It’s targeted at home furnishing textiles and indoor soft signage.

It’s basically a wider version of the existing 1.8m TS500 where the bigger size can be used for extra-wide fabrics for curtains, bed linen, and other home furnishings. It appears to use the same printheads, which I think might be from Panasonic. There are 12 printheads arrayed in three staggered lines, which produces 180sq m/h.

It uses Mimaki’s Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4) to counter banding. There’s a nozzle check unit to detect and clean blocked nozzles and a Nozzle Recovery System which maps around nozzles that remain blocked. There’s a newly designed Auto Media Feeder that promises to be able to feed the thin transfer papers at high speeds.

It comes with Mimaki’s TxLink3 Lite RIP software that allows users to specify the ink volume per colour, and produce large seamless patterns from a single image (including repeat and mirror patterns).

Stephen Woodall, textile and apparel sales manager for Mimaki’s UK distributor Hybrid Services, explained: “We’re seeing the trend for on-demand textile printing develop from the fashion and sportswear markets into the interior décor and home furnishing sector.” He added: “The benefits of digital print enable companies to deliver variable content in varying run lengths with very short lead times, thus capitalising on the technology.”

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