MGI CeraDrop launches new industrial printer

CeraDrop, a subsidiary of MGI, has announced a new industrial printer, the CeraPrinter F-series. It’s aimed at the materials deposition market for applications such as printed electronics and 3D printing. It uses both Inkjet and Aerosol Jet coupled in-line with curing/annealing devices such as UV, NIR and Photonic to take care of post processing.

It takes up to eight different printheads so that it users can choose the most appropriate printhead for the task in hand, with each head customised for a particular material. There’s a wide choice of heads from different vendors with the option to use different inks including UV, solvent, aqueous, oil and aggressive fluids.

It is a standalone printer and is said to be a modular scaleable platform. It’s a continuation of the existing CeraPrinter range, which includes the entry-level L-series and the more advanced X-series. Customers can upgrade from one machine to another.

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