Memjet launches faster printhead

Memjet, which has developed a high-speed inkjet printhead, has now launched a new page-wide colour inkjet engine, called Aspen. It’s optimised for label and commercial printers, running at speeds of up to 225 feet per minute or 68mpm, up from the 50mpm or 165 fpm of the previous generation. 

It’s a further development of the previous head, with 70,400 nozzles across the same 220mm print width and with the same 1600dpi resolution. Memjet says that it’s improved the electronics to enable greater dot placement accuracy, which has led to the higher speed. 

Memjet says that it can be retro-fitted to existing printers. It’s available in three configurations: as a single print array in a standalone printer; two print arrays mounted side by side for a page wide array up to 17ins or 430mm wide; or as four print arrays, which could offer duplex printing across a 430mm wide web. It’s worth noting that this last configuration was used by Delphax for its Elan printer.


As with the Elan, such presses are ideal for the transpromotional market and a fraction of the price of other high-speed inkjet printers, albeit not as fast. 


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