Materialise looks to hybrid manufacturing

Materialise, which develops additive manufacturing solutions, has partnered with HCL technologies, which has developed CamWorks software, in order to  develop a new Powered by Materialise module for CamWorks for increased integration for hybrid manufacturing of metal parts.

Metal heat exchanger produced by Materialise at its Bremen facility.

CamWorks is a parametric, solids-based CNC programming software system that uses patented Feature Recognition technology to reduce programming time. You can find more information at

There are several existing hybrid approaches, which basically combine the freedom of design associated with 3D printing together with the speed and accuracy of CNC machining. Materialise is hoping that the integration of AM and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software in one platform will facilitate the traceability of the production process while reducing the amount of manual work needed. Essentially this means that users of the new Powered by Materialise module, will be able to create support structures directly in CamWorks and interface with the main metal printers via the Materialise Build Processor.

GH Rao, president of Engineering and R&D Services at HCL Technologies, said: “By combining advanced integrated CAM technology from HCL with the innovative 3D printing technology from Materialise, we look forward to enabling companies to create innovative products which can be brought to the market faster and at a lower cost.”

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