Masterwork launches new die cutter

Masterwork Graphic Equipment has launched a new die cutter, the MK1060ERS, an automatic platen machine with stripping and blanking facilities.

It has five processes – feeding, die cutting, stripping, blanking and waste conveying – allowing one operator to turn printed sheets into finished products in a single pass. Optional devices include pre-stacking and stripping preparation stands. The timing belts incorporated into the feed table improve the presentation of stock to the front and side lays, while the slow-down device enables thin paper to be controlled accurately.

It can handle sheets from 400 x 350 mm to 1,060 x 760 mm, and a die cutting area of 1,060 x 745 mm with an accuracy of  0.075 mm. It has a die cutting force of up to 260 tons. The machine can be used with paper/board between 0.1 – 2 mm thick and corrugated board up to 4mm. The feeder and delivery pile heights are 1,550 mm and 1,200 mm respectively. It can reach speeds of up to 6,500 sph.


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