Manroland and Goss complete merger

Manroland web systems and Goss International have completed the merger they announced earlier this year, setting up a new company, Manroland Goss web systems.

The Contiweb management team, from left: Paul Slaats, director Research & Development: Chris Dikker, senior director Finance & HR; Eric van Veghel, director Operations; Roeland van Veen, director Service; Rutger Jansen, director Sales and Bert Schoonderbeek, managing Director

The new company will concentrate on four main business areas: System Solutions, meaning highly automated press and post-press equipment including pre-owned offerings, press relocations: Engineered Solutions, for mechanical, automation and closed-loop solutions for all types of presses: Service Solutions, with best-in-class service in parts, labour, tele-support and performance based service agreements: and E-Commerce Solutions, meaning electronic marketplace for efficient ordering and logistics performance for all suppliers to the web offset industry.

The company will be headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. Alexander Wassermann, CEO of manroland web systems, will become CEO of the new company, while Mohit Uberoi, previous CEO of Goss International, will stay connected with the business as a board member and assist the management team with business integration.

Wassermann outlined his plans for the new company, saying: “Both manroland web systems and Goss International were on a sustainable path to success. We will strengthen this path by increasing our global reach, continuing our innovative and focused R&D activities, and enhancing our market presence through targeted consolidation. Our customers will be able to choose from an even broader portfolio of products and services, supported by the industry leading e-commerce platform Market-X.”

Possehl Group, which previously owned Manroland web systems, and American Industrial Partners (AIP), which owned Goss, will both continue as shareholders of the new company. The Manroland web production business remains separate from the new company and is still part of the Possehl portfolio 

Meanwhile, the Contiweb business, which was previously part of Goss, has celebrated its 40th anniversary with the announcement that it is officially operating as an independent company, albeit still owned by AIP

Bert Schoonderbeek, managing director at Contiweb, commented: “Over the past 40 years, we have built a reputation as a frontrunner in web offset thanks to our innovative result-led solutions. These include the Contiweb Ecoset dryer that provides our customers with production reliability with incredible energy efficiency, and more recently, the Contiweb Thallo web offset packaging press. With the flexible packaging market continuing to grow at a steady pace, we believe that the press’ distinctive production capabilities will play a vital role in expanding our customer base and fortifying our foothold within this sector.”

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