Lumejet to debut at Ipex

LumeJet has said that it will show its ink less digital printhead at the upcoming Ipex show. The LumeJet technology has been designed from the ground up to exploit the proven, continuous tone quality of Silver Halide media and its extended RGB colour gamut, which is said to produce vibrant, smooth and colour accurate images. It also exploits the inherent micron-sized grain resolution of the media for ultra-sharp text and graphics.
Lumejet has developed its S200 printer using the new head technology, which has been beta tested at Altaimage in the UK. It takes 305 mm photographic roll paper for page sizes up to A3 landscape double-page spread, full bleed, including trim (1000 x 305 mm maximum).
Rob King, managing director of Altaimage, said: “The print quality is fabulous, quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  Fantastic photographs, eye-popping colours, sharp text and line art – all on the same page at the same time.”

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