Lumejet and Imaging Solutions target layflat photobooks

Lumejet, which has developed a high quality photo printing method, has partnered with the Swiss company Imaging Solutions, which develops printing and finishing solutions for photobooks. The partnership will offer a bundled package of the LumeJet S200 printer with the ISAG FastBook10CF bookbinder, to deliver a full layflat book production system handling sizes up to A3 landscape. 

The LumeJet S200 can produce true contone photographic quality images with fine line artwork and crisp text over a print area up to 305 x 1000 mm. The FastBook10CF is a hot glue system that can handle the thinnest paper available from LumeJet and laminate sheets directly without an intermediary board. It automatically builds blocks of up to 100 pages in different sizes up to A3 landscape.

This should halve the cost of producing layflat pages with a LumeJet system. The market for layflat photobooks has grown by around 40 percent over the last few years, leading to more use of layflats in other types of books including corporate pitch books, property prospectuses, look books and coffee table books.

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