Leap in the dark

Leap in the dark

This week Britons are being asked to vote on whether or not the country should stay part of the EU. Other countries have been giving referendum votes to determine whether or not the EU should adopt major treaty changes. But instead we are being asked to make a decision that will have profound implications for our future, without any explanation as to what either option entails.

I shall vote to stay in the EU, partly because I think it’s better for our economy, but mainly because I believe in the underlying principles of the EU, namely that trading with our European partners is better than fighting with them. It’s worth remembering that before we feared Eastern European migrants we feared the Warsaw pact.

But the EU is a deeply flawed institution, which explains why no one has defended it, or argued passionately that we should want to remain part of it. So perhaps Brexit will be the best thing for millions of other Europeans, if it finally gives their politicians the kick up the backside necessary to reform the EU.

Then again, the Leave campaign have offered us nothing other than a vague promise about taking back control. But one glance at the politicians lining up to lead us out of the EU suggests that they couldn’t control a tram on rails let alone an economy in freefall.

Still, could be worse – at least we don’t have to choose between Clinton and Trump.

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