Kornit launches US garment printer

Kornit Digital will introduce its Paradigm II screen printer add on to the American market. This is a digital add-on station that has been developed to complement screen-printing carousels and oval machines. It’s short-run and multi-colour capability make it suitable for direct-to-garment printing. It means that inexpensive white layers and effects from the screen process can be combined with benefits such as photorealistic skin tones and smooth gradations, a high yield and process efficiencies. It  can also be used just for digital applications where samples and low volumes are required.

The Paradigm II features ease of use, fast throughput and a bulk ink delivery system, plus the option for an integrated humidity system. The NeoPigment process’s powerful and effective water-based properties make it ideal for discharge printing to enable dark fabrics to be produced.

It uses Kornit’s NeoPigment one-step process. This can work with dark fabrics while also meeting the growing requirement for addressing health and safety and eliminating pollution.

It can produce up to 200 garments per hour, and works with cottons and blends, lycra, silk, viscose, leather, denim and a host of other typical fabrics employed by screen-printing companies. It has a maximum printing area of 39.5 x 49.5cm and an output resolution of up to 600dpi. It uses eight Spectra Dimatix Polaris print-heads.

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