Komori to build Landa presses

Landa has further cemented its partnership with Komori, which will now be the global supplier of all sheetfed Landa Nanographic Printing Press platforms to Landa. In return Landa will provide Komori with Nanographic printing technology and NanoInk colorants for incorporation into Komori-branded Nanographic Printing presses.
Landa has said that it spent the last year evaluating proposals from other press vendors to build its presses before choosing Komori. The assessment was based on the quality of design and engineering as well as reliability and cost effectiveness. But Komori’s culture of innovation and financial stability were also important criteria.
For its part Komori has concluded that Nanography has the potential to deliver on its promise of matching the quality and speed of offset printing at the lowest cost per page in the digital printing industry.
Landa still has agreements with Heidelberg and ManRoland, both of whom have licensed the Nanography technology. But Landa has insisted his own-brand presses will come to market first. Benny Landa opted to further distance himself from these partners by commenting: “It is gratifying to have as our strategic partner the one global press vendor that continues to thrive despite the challenges faced by the industry.”

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