Kodak signs Prosper head deal with Manroland

Kodak has signed a deal with Manroland Web Systems for the German company to integrate and sell Kodak’s Prosper S20 and S30 imprinting modules into the Manroland web press lines. This means that Manroland will become the first worldwide reseller and OEM partner focused on the newspaper industry using Kodak Stream inkjet technology.

A number of customers have already successfully integrated the Kodak heads into their Manroland offset presses, and it has proven a useful way of adding high speed variable data, particularly for the newspaper market, where its been used for applications such as coupons and lottery cards. Dieter Betzmeier, Executive Vice President, Technology & Project Execution, manroland web systems says that the Prosper heads says there are a number of potential applications including Personalized advertising, micro-zoning, logistics, codes and gaming customization.

This success sometimes seems to have taken Kodak by surprise, though Eric Owen, Vice President of WW Sales & Business Development for Kodak’s Digital Printing & Enterprise Business has praised Manroland for its engineering experience, adding: “They understand how to mount print heads, control speed and micro-movements and make appropriate adjustments, resulting in a head that is positioned at the right location for printing. This creates a true advantage for customers.”

Betzmeier explained further: “Our engineering expertise has allowed us to offer sophisticated integration kits to our web press customers, enabling a high degree of automation for adjusting performance and delivering proven success. The result is a highly flexible automated system that can be integrated into every web press.”

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