Kodak releases newspaper violet plate

Kodak has unveiled details of a new violet offset plate, the Libra VP, that will work with most available violet CTP platesetters and plateline equipment. It’s aimed at the newspaper market and promises long run lengths of up to 350,000 impressions if the plates are processed conventionally or up to 300,000 impressions when easy chem setups are used. It should hold 150 lpi AM or 180 lpi hybrid (XM) screens. 

Kodak also claims that it can simplify processing and reduce environmental impact by replacing traditional developer and replenisher with a single, low-pH clean-out finisher. This seems to have been borne out by one of the early users, Deister- und Weserzeitung in Hameln, Germany. Carsten Wilkesmann, the management board member responsible for the technical side, commented: “Apart from the lower water consumption, the fact that the plate wash steps can be eliminated also makes the whole process much more straightforward and less prone to problems.” He added: “Our impression is that it gives us slightly sharper dots, which is good for print quality.”

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