Kodak extends Flexcel for corrugated

Kodak has released a version of its Flexcel NX system that’s suitable for printing to corrugated substrates. This includes a new 5080 system, which according to Kodak’s press release, is “a newly designed imaging platform and laminator that enables plate making in formats up to 50 x 80ins (1270 x 2032mm)”

But, as is normal with recent Kodak press releases, there isn’t any further information on this system, other than that it uses the SquareSpot laser imaging that Kodak gained when it took over Creo. Hopefully, someone at Kodak will eventually respond to my earlier request for more details about this.

There are two new plates to accompany this system: NXC plates should offer improved ink coverage, reduced fluting, improved highlight reproduction and cost-effective on-press performance; NXH plates allow for long plate life, and photo-realistic print reproduction.


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