Kiian to show new textile inks at Fespa

Kiian is to launch a new Digistar range of water based inks for soft signage use at next month’s Fespa show. The new inks are all compatible with Ricoh printheads and can be used without risk labelling.

The range includes Digistar WR-500, a water-based multi-purpose sublimation transfer ink that is compatible with Ricoh Gen 5 printheads. It’s suitable for sports apparel, fashion and interior décor, with Kiian claiming high chromatic performance and colour concentration, with good general fastness and transfer capacity.

There’s also Digistar Air, a sublimation transfer ink that was developed for printing onto light and/or low coated papers. It’s said to dry quickly with high colour concentration.

Digistar Tune has been developed for direct printing and is said to offer a good balance between brightness and general fastness with good chromatic performance and productivity.

Kiian has also developed a water-based pigment ink, Digistar Tex-R, also for direct printing. It’s said to be a low-environmental-impact ink set with reduced water consumption and a shorter, more cost-effective printing process.

Kiian will also launch a new range of fluorescent colours for its most popular Digistar ink ranges – the HD-ONE, HI-PRO and K-ONE series. The new colours include Yellow, Pink, Green and Blue, which Kiian claims plays into a trend for fluorescents in sport uniforms, clothing and home interior décor.

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