J-Teck3 to launch J-Lux dye sub inks

The Italian company J-Teck3 has said that it will launch a new range of J-Lux dye sub inks at the Fespa show in May. J-Lux is a water based digital ink for polyester fabrics and substrates designed for applications such as fashion and home decoration fabrics, sportswear as well as flags and banners. It’s said to offer high resistance to light with bright colours and good image definition as well.

J-Lux series will be launched in the CMYK colours. There will be two versions: J-Lux for J-Next Subly, designed for Epson DX5, DX6 and DX7print heads; and J-Lux per J-Cube KF, for use with Kyocera print heads.

J-Teck3, which concentrates on developing digital inks for textile and graphic applications, was founded in 2003. It was bought by Kiian Digital in August last year.

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