ITC to show new cutting tools for Fespa

Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) will be showing improvements to its range of cutting tools. This includes a new coating for the established 3061 Series for machining stainless steel and similar exotic materials, the extension of the market leading 180 Series of cutters and the 4071 Series of cutters for the machining and chamfering of foamex, plastic wood, MDF and additional abrasive materials.

Further developments that will be on show include the proven 2041 Series, which has enhanced wiper flats and polished flutes to improve swarf clearance, particularly when conducting pocketing operations on acrylic, aluminium and wood. The result is exceptional surface finishes and the elimination of scouring type marks. For the customer, this reduces the requirement for secondary hand finishing operations and the consequent time and labour requirement. Other products on show will include the addition of 3 flute cutters to the 2091 Series of Up and Down cut tools and the 2121 Series of extra long cutters for machining difficult to reach surfaces.


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