ISO adopts CxF colour exchange format

The International Standards Organisation, or ISO, is to take over X-Rite’s Color Exchange Format, currently at version 3, as a new standard for color data exchange and verification covered by ISO 17972-1:2015. As such, this gives the graphic arts industry an accurate, efficient way to communicate color information across any supply chain.

The Color Exchange Format, or CxF, was first developed back in 2000. It is defined in a completely open way so that all aspects of a color can be communicated, even when the application and the color communication features required are unknown. This means that every software vendor implementing and supporting CxF3 is able to easily and accurately extend the information throughout global workflows.

Francis Lamy, Chief Technology Officer at X-Rite, commented: “CxF is a key enabler to more efficient workflows with less waste, faster turnaround times and streamlined communication of color information in color critical workflows. We are proud to be able to make this contribution to the industry.”

For more information and to download a copy of the new standard, visit:

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