Inline finishing developed for Océ InfiniStream

Tresu Group and Bielomatik have developed an inline coating, cutting and stacking configuration for the Océ Infinistream printer. The solution is for digital carton board and consists of Tresu’s webCoat, an optimised flexo printing coating unit, and the new Bielomatik CFS di72 digital-controlled cutter, including piler with non-stop palletising.

The printed output is coated with industry-standard UV or aqueous varnishes and then precisely cut into sheets and stacked on pallets ready for subsequent processes, such as die-cutting or decoration including hot-foil stamping or embossing. The system can handle any sheet size between B2 and B1 formats up to 1060 mm length.

The first unit has already been installed at Joh. Leupold GmbH, based in Germany, which is running the first InfiniStream beta model.  Bernd Assmann, Managing Director of Leupold, commented: “The Océ InfiniStream technology has made considerable progress in the last months. The integration of a professional coating and cutting unit is a major step towards a complete solution for industrial digital printing on folding cartons.”

The InfiniStream is a liquid toner press aimed at the packaging market. It’s a modular web-fed system that works with standard carton board with an extended colour gamut based on 7 colours. With a line speed of 120 metres per minute (394 feet per minute), the system produces 14,400 B2 (50 x 70 cm) or 7,200 B1 (70 x 100 cm) sheets per hour on a 28 inch-wide web.


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