IBIS to show new Smart binders

IBIS, the British manufacturer of finishing equipment, has said that it will show two new Smart-binder features at the Hunkeler Innovations Days event. It will show the latest model IBIS Smart-binder SB-3 ‘Plus HS’ on the Canon stand, running in-line with a high-speed continuous-feed inkjet printer and web cutter.

The two new features that will be running on the IBIS Smart-binder – an IBIS ASA-100 Automated Stitch Adjust system and IBIS SBS-100 Sheet Buffer Module – have been developed in response to customer demand to run variable-data jobs with booklet thickness and number of pages continually changing.

The ASA-100 enables the Smart-binder stitcher to continually and automatically adjust the wire staples to perfectly suit the thickness of each booklet being stitched. This allows book thickness to vary continually ‘on-the-run’ between minimum and maximum.

The SBS-100 module will be installed in between the web cutter and the Smart-binder. The buffer receives printed sheets at a constant rate from the web cutter (as defined by the printer running speed), stores these sheets and feeds them at variable rates into the Smart-binder depending on the number of sheets in each booklet. It allows very thin booklets (for example 8 pagers and even 4-page single sheets) to be mixed with thicker booklets while maintaining a constant, high printer web speed. It even allows the in-line Smart-binder to stop and restart if necessary without pausing the printing operation.

John Cracknell, managing director of IBIS, added: “At HID we will also demonstrate the Smart-binder SB-3’s unique and patented ISG cold-glue process, as a high-quality binding alternative to wire stitching.”

The Hunkeler Innovation Days event takes place at the Allmend fair and event centre in Lucerne, Switzerland, from 23-26 February 2015.

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