Hybrid launches PatchPlanner

Hybrid Software has launched a flexo plate mounting workflow for AV Flexologic mounters called PatchPlanner. This takes a PDF digital design file and optimises the layout of the printed areas as individual elements, so that a much smaller plate can be used than the actual size of the job. It can also control the automatic cutting of the plate and repositioning of the parts on to a plastic carrier.

Jan Ruysschaert, managing director of Hybrid Software, points out that Flexo plates are expensive, adding: “When producing something like a corrugated box, it is not unusual for only a tiny area to need to be printed even though the box itself may be large. Until now a great deal of manual work has generally been required in order to avoid using large flexo plates.”

The software runs through a standard web browser and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8. It can output XML files with mounting mark coordinates automatically transferred to AV Flexologic’s Optimount.


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