Hybrid launches Cloudflow RIP

Hybrid Software has developed a new RIP as part of its Cloudflow suite of software for the packaging and label markets. The new RIP was demonstrated at an openhouse interfaced with ThermoFlexX digital flexo plate imagers.

The Cloudflow RIP uses native PDF 1.6 files and outputs TIFFs. It incorporates an integrated dot viewer, allowing easy inspection of the generated output, with tools to measure density, angles and lines per inch resolution. Files can be checked in either separated or composite mode. It’s mainly targeted at packaging and supports flexo platemaking, with AM and FM screening as well as object-based screening.

It is available in two modes, either standalone or in a Cloudflow workflow. In the standalone version the RIP is supplied with its own HTML UI, so the user can set up presets and run jobs. A built-in TIFF viewer is provided to inspect output.

But it really comes into its own as part of a Cloudflow environment where the RIP runs as part of an operating workflow, handling functions such as routing files based on metadata and obtaining information from other systems. It can easily be combined with other Hybrid Software products such as Proofscope and PACKZFlow.

chairman Guido Van der Schueren. “As with all of our Cloudflow products the new RIP runs on the server and the user can control it via a web browser.”

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