Heidelberg announces Speedmaster CX75

Heidelberg has announced a new offset press, the Speedmaster CX75, which is said to bring some of the performance of the XL75 but without needing a lot of automated components.

Ersin Sšzer, Managing Director of Werbedruck Petzold GmbH, in front of his press at the Heidelberg site in Wiesloch-Walldorf. WP is the first field tester of the Speedmaster CX 75.

It’s a compact cut sheet 50×70 format press and comes as a four- to six-color press with coating unit. It can be used with conventional inks and coatings as well as optionally UV printing. There’s a choice of three drying technologies including UV and LE UV as well as the conventional DryStar dryer.

It can run at 15,000 sheets an hour. It’s equipped with double-diameter impression cylinders to handle substrates ranging from lightweight paper through to rigid cardboard.

Heidelberg claims changeovers can be done in under five minutes with an option for the presettings from the prepress stage for preset functions from the feeder to the delivery to be integrated via the Prinect digital print shop workflow.

Other automation features include the Prinect Center 2 machine control station with the Intellistart intuitive operator guidance system for fast setup. There’s also a choice between the Prinect Easy Control or Prinect Image Control spectral color measurement systems for a standardized approach, as well as data handling through the Prinect print shop workflow.

There’s a larger format option taking 605 x 750 mm sheets that’s meant for packaging and label printing in order to be able to place more repeats on the sheet.

It will be officially launched at China Print in Beijing in a four-color configuration with DryStar LED technology. It’s being beta tested at Werbedruck Petzold GmbH, based in Gernsheim, Germany and should be commercially available later this year.

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