GPMA predicts economic recovery

The Graphics and Print Media Alliance (GPMA) has carried out a survey across the printing industry’s supply chain in which 65 percent of respondents believed that 2014 would bring better results than last year.  A further 33 percent predict business will be about the same, with only 3 percent expecting a decline in sales. The findings were broadly in line with the most recent quarterly survey by the BPIF, though around 90 percent of the GPMA respondents were SMEs.

Those answering the survey also reported a positive impact of several major government initiatives, such as lowering corporation tax, increasing capital investment allowances and R&D tax credits. Unsurprisingly, there was a mixed view on the impact of banks upon the industry

The survey also highlighted concerns over three further issues – pre packs, late payments and skills shortages – which Peter Kiddell, vice chairman of the GPMA, promised to respond to in the next few months.

Only around 30 percent of respondents have an apprentice, though most of those who didn’t have one, said they would if there was a better financial incentive.

The GPMA was set up in the middle of 2013 and recently announced two new members: the European Flexographic Industry Association and the Two Sides organisation.


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