GoPrint3D to sell Blueprinter M3 to UK

GoPrint3D, which sells a wide range of 3D printers and scanners in the UK, is now importing the M3 printer from the Danish company, Blueprinter, which specifically targets the 3D prototype market. Blueprinter was set up in 2008 by two mechanical engineers, Frederik Tjellesen and Anders Hartmann, to develop affordable printers.

The M3 builds on the existing success of the M-series, and is optimised for daily use in the office workspace. It uses selective heat sintering, which relies on a thermal printhead rather than a laser, to form objects out of thermoplastic powder. It’s said to be  user-friendly, and has enhanced features including a sleeker surface and display. Its noise output has also been reduced by up to 60%, now making no more noise than a standard 2D printer. Its increased efficiency also means that it uses significantly less power to operate.

The M3 is now capable of printing more accurate and more detailed parts. The M3 has an increased build volume of 200mm x 157mm x 150mm, which means it’s able to create multiple parts in just one printing session.

James Blackburn, GoPrint3D’s sales and marketing director, commented: “Because Blueprinter’s M3 is up to ten times cheaper than an SLS (selective laser sintering) printer, and allows customers to re-use un-sintered powder, more and more organisations are 3D printing affordable rapid prototypes in-house.”

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