GMG updates OpenColor

GMG has released OpenColor 2.0, which it claims is a significant update of this profiling software. It’s mainly aimed at the packaging printing sector where the sheer variety of printing technologies, spot colors, substrates and number of inks trick packaging proofing into running a gauntlet of compromises. It can be used with GMG’s ColorProof to overcome issues such as simulating the behaviour of inks printed on top of each other on the press.

OpenColor now comes with a completely redesigned user-centered interface. A project-based view allows more flexibility in handling measurement data and creating profiles, while at the same time providing more safety in terms of data control and transparency. Each packaging product can be managed via a project folder which holds all related information in one easily accessible place.

This allows for centralised data management across multiple sites. It can be set up so that only approved data and profiles are forwarded into production.

There are extensive correction tools for determining potential sources of error, optimizing measurement data and editing profiles. All corrections are visualized in a live preview. It can also generate individual test charts for all packaging applications. Virtually any number of patches can be defined in various overprinting combinations and with full control of the separations and these can all be measured within the program itself.

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