GMG updates ColorProof 5.6

GMG has released ColorProof 5.6, the latest version of its proofing software.

Birgit Plautz, director of GMG’s Graphic Arts business unit, says that the update was prompted by the popularity of optically brightened papers: “The papers improved image appearance and tended to be cost-effective to purchase. However, they were out of conformance with proofing standards.”

Recent revisions to the ISO standards governing measuring devices and the light in viewing booths such as the updated ISO 12647-2:2013 have addressed the colour matching problems caused by OBA enhanced media.

Thus the updated ColorProof 5.6 works with these standards and has full support of the new M0/M1/M2 measuring conditions

It also has new features to make it work more efficiently with workflows and in multiple-site operations. For example, GMG has created new smart hotfolders and job ticket hotfolders with an XML interface that allows operators to use one hotfolder for multiple printing standards and provide an easy connection to external workflow systems.

In addition, GMG has designed a file distribution system that can connect to multiple installations and download new or altered colour management files automatically, or on-demand—from a source location to one or more target locations.

There’s an option to add more RIPs to speed up the processing. It can also automatically re-assign jobs to different printers if, for example, a printer has run out of ink or paper.

It also supports GMG’s new ProofPaper semi-matte 250 OBA.

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