GMG to work with DIC ink data

GMG is to integrate DIC ColorCloud into its OpenColor and ColorProof platforms. OpenColor is used for spot color based proofing for packaging applications and saves costs by reducing the number of press fingerprints or press trials required and reducing make-readies. ColorProof is designed for color-accurate digital contract proofs and comes complete with calibrations and colour profiles.

The DIC ColorCloud service contains spectral data of real inks. It will allow all operators from planning to printing to reference to use the same spectral colour database and share the same color data, globally, no matter where they are. It is still being developed and scheduled to launch in 2015.

Victor Asseiceiro, Director of the Packaging Business Unit at GMG, explained: “One of the most difficult challenges facing brands is accurately and reliably communicating and providing spectral color definitions to all players in the packaging supply chain. DIC ColorCloud and its integration within GMG products provides customers the most complete and accurate platform for color proofing and management on the market today.”

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