GIS develops new electronics for Dimatix heads

Global Inkjet Systems has developed a new low power regenerative Head Interface Board (HIB) for the Fujifilm Dimatix SG1024 StarFire printheads. GIS specialises in developing software, drivers, firmware and electronics for industrial inkjet printheads.
The new GIS HIB-FD-A4D generates the high voltage fire pulses and recovers energy from the printhead after each pulse, using only a low cost 24V power supply obviating the need for an expensive high voltage external power supply. There’s no compromise in the performance capabilities of the printhead. Each HIB can drive up to two StarFire printheads printing grey-scale (Versadrop), multidrop and binary modes at full-speed. System builders are able to define independent waveforms for each printhead, specifying the number of pulses and the slew rates, amplitude and timings for each pulse.
This new interface board replaces GIS’ previous technology for driving StarFire SG1024 printheads. It’s been in use with some early adopters for the last 6 months but is now available to the wider market.
The A4D technology is the culmination of almost 3 years’ work by GIS. “This is a great example of how we continue to invest in R&D so that we can deliver innovative technology to our customers” commented Nick Geddes, CEO of GIS.

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